Welcome to Evolving People Ltd

Founded in 2011, Evolving People Ltd provides EdTech, FinTech & MedTech SaaS platforms, plus, mentoring, training services & published content.In short we help you share your knowledge, with your people, using your brand.

About our Core Platform.

We believe that people learn best in relationships, and that web based technology can play a constructive part in the way people outwork learning in their lives and communities. We believe that people and organisations can grow when they are connected together.

We provide powerful Learning Management Solutions (LMS), designed specifically to manage internet-based training. Educators and Trainers can quickly assemble and distribute web-based instructional content and conduct interactive training and mentoring on-line.

Evolving People solutions have a range of key advantages, in that they:

  • Provide the basic building blocks for any e-learning development journey
  • Are fully adaptable and scalable
  • Can be implemented quickly and easily
  • Are fully branded to your organisation
  • Add capital value to your organisation
  • Are extremely cost effective
  • Are based on open standards (LAMP)
  • Are securely hosted, managed and supported

The Evolving People Core Platform is based on understanding people and how they behave in groups. As part of the learning relationship, people develop knowledge, skills and concepts that shape their attitudes. Learning is contextual; it builds upon, and is shaped by what we already know and who we relate to.

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